A Happy Ending!!
Lianca Kisses
The AMC characters Bianca, Lena, Miranda are not owned by me. I want to thank to my friend Kim for her edit the story. Thanks again! Enjoy reading it.

A Happy Ending!

The sun had risen. Curtains half open, the sun rays came through the bedroom window and cast themselves across the bed.

A figure on the bed was shifting to find a way to get comfortable and blinked to see the sun rays were on her face. Bianca grunted and grabbed the blanket to cover her head but something was stop her doing it. She sat up slowly, and listened to the silence of the house. No talking, no screaming, no crying. She rolled her body to the edge of the bed to grabbed her robe and standing up, she put on and tied the robe. She tiptoed slowly and quietly. The house was eerily quiet. The bedroom door was open. She walked out of the bedroom and heard cute giggles. She smiled and knew who it is. She went down stairs to the living room. She heard another bout of giggles. She chuckled quiet and heard "shh, quiet, mommy's coming." Bianca decided to pretend that she hadn't heard anything. She just kept walking to the kitchen. She heard the footsteps running behind her then run in a different direction. She went into the kitchen and jumped in shock.

"HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY! HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY!" screamed by Miranda and Travis. Bianca gasped and saw the tall lady stand next to the kids. Bianca said "Lena?" Lena smiled and walked around the table toward Bianca, "Happy Mother's Day." Bianca sobbed, "You came home." Lena nodded, "Yes, I came home for good." Bianca looked at Lena, "For good? You mean you don't have go back France." Lena shook her head, "No sweetheart, I want to be with my family, my children, my sweetheart who I adore very much. I already missed seeing much of the kids growing up, their first steps, their first word, their first teeth. I cannot afford to miss anymore. I decided to come home to be with you and our kids. Look at them, they have already grown, I missed it too much. Bianca, I love you so much. I love our kids." Lena knelt down and looked at Bianca, "Bianca Christine Montgomery, will you be my wife?" She opened the black box and there was a shiny gold ring with the 3 hearts.

Bianca covered her mouth and gasped when she saw Lena knelt and asked her to married her, "Oh Lena, yes I will marry you." Lena got up and grabbed Bianca to swing her around then put her down. Lena took the ring out of the box. Bianca gave Lena her hand and Lena put the ring on and kissed it. Bianca put her hands on Lena's cheeks and pulled her toward her own mouth for a passionate kiss.

Miranda and Travis cheered "Mommy and Mama are getting married!!!" Lena and Bianca broke the kiss laughing. Bianca looked at Lena "Happy Mother's Day Lena." Lena's eyes start to watering and she said "Thank you sweetheart."



Ths story is dedication to my mother and my aunt whom I lost. I do adore them very much. They were great women in my life. They were my role models. I have a lot of memories of them. There were alway ups and downs as usual.
My mother had a rough life when she had me. She worked so hard to make sure I was taken care of but she showed me how much she loved me. My aunt loved to spoiled me. When I was a little girl, my aunt alway took me to the movie theatre every weekend. After the movie, we stopped at the ice cream parlor to get huge ice creams. She alway brought me candies or cookies that she got from the diner where she used to be a waitress.. People thought my aunt was my mother. I kept telling them no; we looked so much alike.
They were my life, my best friends, my aunt and mother whom I love much. I've thought about them every day.
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Title: Your Lips
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own Guiding Lights and Olivia/Natalia. This is my first Otalia story. Please be bear with me. I want to say thanks to my friend TabbyCat who edited it for me. If misspell or error grammar, my apologize. Feedback would be wonderful. Thank you.


Your lips look sooo moist and delicious, enough to fill me with desire to suck on them and lick at them over and over again. Mmm. The taste that still linger on your lips from various flavors of wines that you love to drink... Just imagining the taste makes me feel so intoxicated and high.

Your lips sometimes can be dangerous. They hold me so spellbound that I find it difficult to not to stare too long at them. I must force myself to be careful and steal fleeting glimpses at those beautiful red rubies without getting caught.

Your lips by themselves show so much emotions. Ranging from sadness to anger... From happiness to laughter.

Your lips... when they part to let a laugh pass, my heartbeat does not just beat in a gentle rhythm. It throbs very hard and very fast.

Your lips... when they turn down in sadness and you shed tears, my heart shatters into a million pieces... making me feel so very helpless.

Your lips... when they twist into snarls of rage, I find myself plummeting down the bottomless pit of sadness and desperation.

Your lips... when they curve up into a sweet smile, I melt into a happy puddle of quivering flesh at your feet.

Your lips... All I want is to kiss your tantalizing lips, to touch them, to suck on them and to lick at them... I want to feel my heart beat fast and my palms get all sweaty...

Funny Animals - Cats Fighting
I laughed my azz off to watch this many times!! I love this one!! Its thumb up!


What Should You Be When You Grow Up?
You Should Be in the Military
You are driven, focused, and an extremely hard worker.
And while you can be ruthless in getting what you want, you also have a compassionate side.
You are able to balance your own desires with the needs of others.
You'll do almost anything to get the job done, but you're not willing to step on anyone's toes.

You do best when you:

- Are working with others
- Are in a fast paced environment

You would also be a good CEO or school principal.

Ohhh I wish I could be a solder but I wasn't allow due to my deafness. It was very disappointed. Few of family members were/are in military. I wanted to follow their footstep. Disappointed big time!!

What Primary Color Are You?
You Are Red
You are lively and fiery. You embrace the world and live passionately.
You are moody but generally enthusiastic. You love so many things.

You are able to have a lot of drive and focus. Some people would call this obsession.
You are aggressive about getting what you want in life. You look out for yourself first.


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